About Me


For those that don’t know, that’s “Welcome!” in Scottish Gaelic!

Hi! I’m Neha LightDancer, creatrix of this lovely mess!

Why am I here? One reason: to display my mess to all, in hopes, that what I convey will enrich your life whether it be how to make more money, teaching you something new-to-you, or even just to give you your daily dose of laughs.

I have noticed the disconnect that has happened with women and I aim to be a bridge, to create a connection, to extend a shoulder.

Here on my blog, I will cover everything from the mundane (makeup and daily blunders) to the mediocre (gaming, recipes, travels) to the sacred (festivals, red tent temples, community).

So, if you want to know more about me, read on. If you want to see more from me, subscribe! You can find me on Twitch and Instagram by clicking the buttons below!

I am a 30-something wife, stepmother, creatrix, gamer, and all-around box of giggles! I am a mom to way too many fur babies as well as my two stepsons. Currently, I spend my days learning how to navigate design programs and teaching myself new crafts. I have been an Etsy seller for many years. I just recently jumped into the world of online game streaming with the release of Fallout 76 on the PC…and I am HOOKED! LOL! I hope you stick around and enjoy the mess because it is going to be a hilarious ride!