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It’s Neha here with a bit about gaming! When I was growing up, console gaming was in its infancy. I didn’t play video games much. We had an Atari and Nintendo, but we weren’t allowed more than an hour on either of them. If it was nice outside, our butts better be out there. Unless of course, we had homework or chores. Gasp! Chores! What are those?

Nowadays, there are gadgets called cell phones and tablets, oh my! (Think Wizard of Oz, not Fifty Shades, LOL) I started out gaming casually on a PS2. My favorite game on it was “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Then, when I married my first husband we got the PS3 that came out. I don’t remember using it much other than for a DVD player, to be honest. He also introduced me to the Xbox 360. One particular night he asked me to hold the controller while he went to the bathroom and not to move his character. Can I just say that at that moment a true love for gaming began? Of course, I moved his character. And so began my love of all things “Call of Duty” related, particularly the Modern Warfare series. As it happens, those titles come out around my birthday each year. So, guess what I am getting this year…yep, you guessed it, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Precision Edition. I also love playing the Grand Theft Auto series. There are just so many games! Fast forward a few (or more LOL) years and now I am more of a PC gamer. I still love my Xbox One and in fact, the new C.O.D. Modern Warfare will be on that platform. As for PC gaming, that really started with my current husband. I played little games on Big Fish that were time management-oriented, then one night he convinced me to play Overwatch on PC. I fell in love with it as well. I knew then I was a gamer at heart.

A little over a year ago my stepson got my husband into Minecraft for the pc. I was not interested. I tried it on the Xbox and said, “nope”. It is boring and I don’t understand it.” Plus, I thought the graphics were horrible. I just cannot understand why we went all the way back to 8-bit when we have such clear and wonderful gaming graphics as it is! Needless to say, I ended up playing it on pc. My husband wanted to have a “family” pc game session every Sunday. So, he taught me the basics in creative mode. Then he introduced me to a Youtube Minecraft video channel by the name of Andyisyoda. (You can check him out in the links below!) I loved listening to him say ‘brickies and bushies’ and so I watched more videos. The first thing I built while watching him was my pub. It came out great. I continued to learn from his videos and I still watch him today for inspiration. I am hoping to interview him for the blog one day!

Of course, my two stepsons and husband decided they wanted to play another pc game for “family” day. Right about here you can just feel me rolling my eyes and sighing since I just got used to Minecraft. So, I got H1Z1 on Steam. Yet another new platform for me since all my pc gaming had been on Bigfishgames.com for the most part. H1Z1 was rough the first couple of games, but we stuck it out. I actually ended up enjoying it. We enjoyed it so much that we made it into the middle of the gold tier in the competitive season! I still cannot shoot worth a hoot, but I can scavenge and craft like crazy. My youngest drives the cars. The hubby shoots. The oldest drives and helps me scavenge. We actually made it from over 25 teams to be the number 2 team!

Then, they went and changed it up on me again. Insert long sighs. This time they wanted to get Fallout 76. We went and preordered it from GameStop and participated in the beta. It is now the game I play most often. I am like a junkie. I have got to have my Fallout 76 fix each day. I love the reto-futuristics of it and the music is perfect. We enjoyed it so much, we went to where the game was based! That is another post for another day though!

So, for those hesitant about gaming (like I was), just get out there and do it! They are wonderful stress relievers and they challenge your survival and creativity skills. Just don’t make it the only thing you do! Everything in moderation as my mum would say. Now, go out there and get gaming! If you are looking for some great gaming links…look below.

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