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It’s a new year, a new decade, a new chapter in this chaotic book we call life. Everywhere I look people are rushing here and there, honking if you don’t move the second the light turns green, giving the finger for going the speed limit in a school zone, rushing past a bus that is picking up children, etc. When did our lives become so busy that we cannot take a moment to breathe, to take in what is around us, to enjoy the moments in our lives? Was it when we began working more shifts to be able to make the soaring rent prices? Was it when companies decided that people were only a means to make them richer and forgot that their workers are human too, and not a machine? To be honest, I cannot pinpoint the time that I became a flitterer, that’s what I call people that are so focused on themselves and what they need to do and where they need to be that they ignore everything around themselves. Over this last year, I have worked a little harder not to be a flitterer. I continue to try to take in the moments, each and every day. It is a process. I am hardwired to pack as much into my day as possible, especially when it comes to tasks where I am chained to the computer. As part of my “intentions, not resolutions” this year, I am going to slow down even more. Move from moment to moment with intent. Of course, I will have days where it might not work so well, but the point is that I am making a conscious effort and that one day I will have made it a lifestyle and not just an intention. As part of this, I have decided to do some articles that force me to slow down, inspect my life, and to plan and engage in the world around me. This “series” will start out as a post, each day, for the next two weeks. After that, I may just make it a separate section of my blog where I post once a week, on top of my regular blog. We shall see. I am still quite “green” to the blogging life and have yet to find a good balance. So, on to the articles. What will they be about? I am calling them, “My Ten Things” because, in each, I will layout 10 things I want to do, etc. Each will have pictures so that you can get little glimpses of my world. Today’s post will not have pictures as I want to get this finished and posted this morning, and quite frankly, I am not ready to be viewed by the world. LOL. Tomorrow’s post, however, will have pictures that I take today. So, get your cuppa joe, cuppa tea, whatever it is that wakes you up and settle in for the first post.


My ten things. Why ten? I don’t know. It just sounded good when I started typing this morning. It wasn’t a planned thing, but as I began to type, things began to take shape.  What ten things will I talk about today? I thought it was prudent to start with “Ten Things I Love About Myself” due to the fact that I have not always been the most confidence ridden person. Often, I belittle myself and compare myself to others. It is a terrible self-confidence issue and one that I am working on, little by little. I have days where I am a Goddess and everyone WILL know it before the day is through, and then there are days where I hide behind jeans and a large shirt, convinced I can fade into the wall without anyone noticing. So, in a determined effort, today I am listing ten things that I love about myself, in honesty. 


The first thing I love about myself is my eyes. It is one of two physical features I love. I have my dad’s ice-blue eyes. My dad has his father’s blue eyes. Throughout the years, when I have put on my makeup, it is the eyes that I always accentuated. I felt they were my best feature of all, the one thing that could stand out as being beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom’s eyes. I just wasn’t blessed with them. One thing a former flame told me was that he loved looking into my eyes because he could see the clouds in them. Sure it’s corny, but he always said it with conviction. The last time I saw him he said the same thing, even after all these years. 


The second thing I love about myself is my nose. I was blessed with my mom’s nose. Perfectly proportionate, nice downward slant with a small up-turn at the end. There is just something about the perfect proportions that I just love. So, thanks mom, I love my nose! 


The third thing I love about myself is my voracious love of the written word. No matter where I go, I always carry a book with me. If you don’t see a book around me, I am sicker than you know and it is imperative you get me to the closest emergency room. LOL. I guess it really all started with my mom. I never thought to ask, but I imagine she read to me even when I was in the womb. I know she did when I was little, and even into my adulthood if I asked her. I remember when I contracted a rather bad case of mononucleosis, she sat by my bedside and read Edgar Allan Poe’s works to me. No matter how old I get, that is one memory that will stay with me forever. By instilling the love of the written word in me, she opened worlds up to me that otherwise would have been closed. Thank you, mom, for giving me yet another gift.


The fourth thing I love about myself is my tomboy nature. A good majority of girls will tell you that they love to shop for clothes, hair accessories, etc. Not this girl. I am a rare breed. Don’t buy me roses, buy me tools, or a gift card to lowe’s or home depot, or yes, even harbor freight. Lowe’s is my favorite, but Harbor Freight is quickly gaining momentum. This love for tomboy-esqueness came from spending many hours hanging with my dad and grandad in the garage. The smell of freshly cut wood, the sound of the hammer coming down on top of the nail head, the metallic “reeeeeeee” sound of the saw coming to life. I just cannot explain enough how happy those make me. Thank you, dad, for instilling in me a love of creating things from what lies all around us every day. 


The fifth thing I love about myself is my ability to write poetry. I have a huge binder full of them that I have written over the years. I started designing a “coffee table” book that featured my poetry on artwork, however, it is one of the many projects I have not finished. Don’t worry you all will be the first to know when it is finished and ready for purchase! 


The sixth thing I love about myself is my heart. Not my physical heart, my “emotional” heart, if you will. I have often been told that I have a huge heart and that I let it get me into trouble. I am loyal to a fault and no matter how much someone hurts me, I continue to try to help because I genuinely love people. When I love someone, I love them with every ounce of my being. Sometimes I don’t know how to show it, but its there, beating inside me with every breath I take.


The seventh thing I love about myself is my comical nature. I love to laugh. I love to make others laugh as well. I get this from my dad. Although, he often messes up the punchline, which makes it funnier. 

The eighth thing I love about myself is my crafting talent, which, comes from a variety of people. My dad can draw and create things like no one’s business. My mom is the same and so is my sister. My grandma used to quilt and craft and my other grandma crocheted. I come from a long line of folks making something out of what they had around them. It is not a lost talent. Crafting has become what I do most. I have tubs and tubs and tubs of items that I have made that I just need to get pictures of so that I can post them here and on my Etsy store. Is anyone feeling froggy to help? 


The ninth thing I love about myself is my willingness and ability to learn things rather quickly. I love learning new skills and implementing them. As of late, it has been more in line of working on my two aging vehicles. I drive a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor (which was a gift from my dad) and a 2006 Toyota Prius. Lately, I have had to work on the Prius, something I never thought I could do. Having a love for learning, I began watching youtube vids and reading manuals for my car and now I work on it regularly. I find working on cars to be a bit fun most days. Some skills I want to learn this year is crocheting and leatherworking.


The tenth thing I love about myself is the ability to bake. I am not the best cook, but baking is a different story. I used to bake cakes and cupcakes and they were all the rage. Then, I got a little burnt out. Then we moved and the house we live in has a kitchen that was once a porch and so it is slanted, which makes anything I cook or bake more on one side than the other. I cannot wait to buy our new home (hopefully in the next few months) so I can have a nice, even cooking area! Then we shall have cake! 


So there you have it, ten things I love about myself! What are some things you love about yourself?

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  1. It’s always important to remind ourselves of self love and I think writing out these things is an act of self care in itself. I look forward to more of your writings! And if you want any crochet pointers- you’ve got my instagram!

    Best wishes

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